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Microbooks have been producing Applications for the Apple App Store related to the vision that we hold. You can check them on the App Store. These include:



The Complete Dictionary of British Sign Language. Combines our premium products (The Standard Dictionary of British Sign Language and the Advanced Dictionary of British Language) to create the definitive mobile reference for this remarkable product. It contains over 7500 videos, definitions as well as all the other features of our products.

Instant access to any sign. To look up a sign, you can:


  1. Type a word
  2. Click on a word
  3. Click on a category and then click on a word


In addition, to ensure accuracy, cultural integrity and usability the iPad version features:


  1. Standardised & regional signs
  2. Deaf signers only
  3. The controls of all DVD players 
  4. Test yourself quiz
  5. Meanings of word
  6. Freeze frame





Understanding Faiths Series:  Understanding Faiths is an innovative series of online courses whose objective is to transform understanding of what it means to be Jewish, Christian or Muslim today. These courses, conceived and promoted by the Coexist Foundation, aim to engage their audience with high-quality interactive learning, underpinned by academic rigour, objectivity, and a comprehensive, respectful approach to the religions they cover in all their diversity. To learn more, visit


The Lite Quiz: Understanding Islam. The Understanding Islam Quiz Lite is designed to test your understanding about Islam and Muslims. The quiz is a part of the Understanding Faith Series by the Coexist Foundation. It is hoped that this Lite version will encourage you to look at the full version of our quiz that is designed to test your knowledge on the subject to its limits. We would also recommend that you look at the critically and highly acclaimed Understanding Islam course, from which this quiz is derived.


Understanding Islam: This critically and highly acclaimed application is designed to help you to understand Islam, and to learn something of what it means to be Muslim. The course was created by a team of academic consultants led by Dr C T R Hewer, and including Dr Jabal Buaben, Shaykh Saeed Bahmanpour, Professor Yahya Michot, and Maulana Shahid Raza. We would encourage you, in parallel with the course, to look at the Quizzes and other related applications on the App Store. 




The Premium Quiz: Understanding Islam.  This Quiz is designed to test your understanding about Islam and Muslims. It extends the Lite version of our quiz and will test you to the limits of your understanding of Islam. This is no ordinary quiz. With more than 200 plus carefully set questions, covering diverse range of topics related to Islam and Muslims, and with more than a billion trillion permutations of the answers you can give, you will not be surprised to learn that there is no one at the present time that has got all the answers correct! This is your challenge. The quiz is a part of the Understanding Faith Series by the Coexist Foundation. We would encourage you, in parallel with this quiz, to look at the critically and highly acclaimed Understanding Islam course. 


Version 4 of our highly acclaimed series "Living Religions" is now under development for PCs, Macs, iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. These include:

Living Christianity: Under development

Living Buddhism: Under development

Living Sikhism: Under development

Living Hinduism: Under development

Living Judaism: Under development

Living Islam: Under development

Living without God: Under development


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On-line BSL Advanced Dictionary
This is the on-line version of the Advanced Dictionary.
The Complete BSL Reference Dictionaries. (DVD-ROM\'s)
The Complete BSL Reference Dictionary :- includes both the BSL Standard and Advanced Dictionaries
On-line BSL Standard Dictionary.
This is the on-line versions of the Standard Dictionary.
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