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The European Learning Zone: A Microbooks on-line Learning Initiative

The secret to success? A love of learning!

Learning has become complicated. Schools, universities and employeers are increasingly focused on pieces of paper that say how well a student has done in exams. As a consequence, the educators have become increasingly focused on enabling people to pass exams rather than on rigourous learning and a real search of knowledge and understanding. Surveys show that most of the learning in our time is related to passing exams and tests rather than actually being able to solve problems.

Microbooks Distance Learning is being brought on-line by our on-line learning initiative. You can use some of our products on-line (after the purchase of the appropriate product), and gradually we hope to embrace all level of education. The emphasis is on leading-edge education and learning. If you get a certificate from us, it will not be because you know how to pass exams, but because you know your subject to the appropriate level.

Simply go to the European Learning Zone ( to learn more about our methodology and to register for our leading-edge and highly acclaimed courses.


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On-line BSL Advanced Dictionary
This is the on-line version of the Advanced Dictionary.
On-line BSL Standard Dictionary.
This is the on-line versions of the Standard Dictionary.
The Complete BSL Reference Dictionaries. (DVD-ROM\'s)
The Complete BSL Reference Dictionary :- includes both the BSL Standard and Advanced Dictionaries
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