Sign Away

An Essential Resource for all BSL Students

The Sign Away! CD features Over 1600 phrases. Many other products of similar price contain just 100 phrases. Sign Away is a abilingual tool: English to BSL & BSL to English. Instant access to a phrases. Due to the visual nature of Sign Language, Multimedia is a perfectly natural way to learn BSL. With award-winning content and exciting learning activities, this BSL phrasebook combines text, video, interactivity, and BSL Gloss (the word order in BSL).

BSL Sign Away! is sourced from over 30 hours of video. To look up a phrase, you can:

  • Type two words
  • Select a question type
  • Select a category
  • Click on a phrase

BSL Sign Away! also contains:

  • BSL gloss
  • Standardised and regional phrases
  • Test yourself quiz
  • Freeze frame/adjust video speed
  • On-line manual

Price :£33.00
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