SIGN NOW! -The British Sign Language Reference Dictionary

The Definitive Reference to BSL

The Sign Now! CD features Over 3,500 signs! A bilingual tool: English to BSL & BSL to English. Instant access to a sign. Due to the visual nature of Sign Language, Multimedia is a perfectly natural way to learn BSL. With award-winning content and excitinglearning activities, The British Sign Language Dictionary combines text, video, interactivity, fingerspelling and categories to create a super reference tool that makes learning BSL in your own time easy, intuitive, and fun. To look up a sign, you can:

  • Type a word
  • Click on a word
  • Click on a handshape.

In addition, to ensure accuracy, cultural integrity and usability the CD-ROM features

  • Standardised & regional signs.
  • Deaf signers only.
  • Enlarge the size of the video screen.
  • Test yourself quiz.
  • Fingerspelling.
  • Freeze frame & zoom.

At last! A visual and interactive tool to learn and practice the signs of the British Sign Language.

Build Your Vocabulary in the BSL Dictionary
Practice more than 3700 signs with video demonstrations. Sound is not used as this would not offer total imersion in BSL. Watch the videos once, or set them for automatic repeat. You can also use the VCR-like controls to rewind, move forward, or enlarge the video window. Progress through the signs by subjects like Family, Foods, People, Animals, Questions, etc.

Discover Fingerspelling
Learning fingerspelling is an essential aspects of BSL. Click on a letter of the alphabet to learn how to fingerspell words starting with that letter.

Deaf Organisations Praise Sign Now!

"Sign Now! is a great leap forward for BSL.." NDCS

"We recommend Sign Now!" - CACDP

"The RNID welcomes Sign Now!..." -RNID

"Brilliant Software..." -Interactive Magazine

"This is brilliant..." -See Hear!

Winner of the 1997 Deaf Nation International Award for An Outstanding Publication in the Field of Deaf Studies.

Price :£50.00
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