Living Buddhism

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  • Abandon wrongdoing
  • Practice virtue well
  • Subdue your mind
  • These are the teachings of the Buddha.

The Religion

Buddhism is based on the Four Noble Truths and the practice of the Noble Eightfold Path.

The practice of Buddhism falls into two categories, that of Method, and that of Wisdom. These are practiced together in order to gain insight and inner experience.

Buddhists regard the Bodhi Tree in India as sacred, along with numerous other Stupas scattered around Asian countries which contain relics of the Buddha and other Bodhisattvas (enlightened beings). Many ancient Hindu and local gods have been incorporated and are represented in symbolic form in paintings, sculptures and buildings.


Buddhism is divided into the Theravadin and Mahayana traditions. The influences of local customs, religions and cultures have resulted in the development of a wide divergence of schools of Buddhism.

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