Living Christianity

The Most Comprehensive Multimedia Guide to Christianity and Christian Cultures


Christianity is one of the most mature of the world's religions and is the most widespread. It is estimated that there are some 2 billion Christians in the world today (33% of the entire population of planet earth). There are a huge number of different theological views and beliefs, but they all are founded on the teachings and examples attributed to one central figure - Jesus Christ. It is estimated that there are over 26000 Christian denominations (more than all the variants of all the world's other faiths put together). These denominations range from some rationalists and free-thinkers (who accept ethical teachings but not Christ's miracles) to fundamentalists (who militantly insist on the literal truth of the Gospels and condemn all those who cannot bring themselves to accept Christ). Christian lobby groups and individuals exert an overwhelming influence in the dynamics of world politics. The Living Christianity CD-ROM covers these aspects in extensive detail in a manner that people of all faiths fill find absorbing and astonishing, and yet in a manner that is unbiased and progressive.


Despite the natural social and theological developments within Christian movements, there are a core number of essential and common teachings that form the foundation of the Christian faith. These are based on the belief that Jesus was God incarnate on earth.

Jesus - God on Earth - 

Jesus is the central figure in all of Christianity. He was born a Jew about 2000 years ago and he became active at the age of 30 as a preacher, teacher and a healer for about three years. His crucifixion was as that of a common criminal. Christians believe that through his death on the cross, "…God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son…"


The history of Christianity begins with Jesus Christ - a man of insignificance who during his life was unknown outside the obscure corner of the Roman Empire where he lived and died. By studying the History section on the "Living Christianity" CD-ROM you will be able to understand how the belief of a few people in a remote and insignificant outpost of the Roman Empire have outlasted all mighty empires since and how the various churches, denominations, movements, and doctrines have come into being. This is done by looking at the development of the Church and the development and evolution of Christian belief.


The Bible is the holy book of Christians. The word Bible is derived from the Greek word Biblia meaning 'The Books'. The Bible is a collection of books written over a period of over 1300 years, written in diverse cultural and historical scenarios and in a huge variety of styles and language. It is the world's most translated book. It was translated into English in the fourteenth century. For Christians and many people of the world, the Bible occupies a unique position on a bookself. For many Christians and even people of other faiths, the power and meaning of the Bible goes beyond mere literature.

The Christian Calender - 

Christians have festivals that mark key points of the year and celebrate important events. These dates of these events is associated with seasonal cycles rather than dates of the actual events. The key festivals are Christmas (the feast that celebrates the birth of Christ), Lent (the time for preparation for celebrations of Easter), and Easter (a time for baptisms and remembrance of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ).

Christian Movements

Theological, cultural, and social variations in the way people see and interpret the deeds of Christ (as written in various versions and translations of the Bible) have led to a huge number of denominations and practices. Often these variations are fundamental and irreconcilable. However, the Church hierarchy, leadership, and laity stress the common belief of the power of Jesus, and this is often enough for the denominations to forgive the other differences.


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