Living Religions - The Complete Set

The Complete Living Religions - The Definitive Reference Work
Published by: I-Seek/Microbooks
It took Microbooks 5 years and over 25 major organisations to complete this work. It is a must have work for all reference libraries, and all those interested in having an unbiased view of the major world faiths. In these times of materialism, bigotry, political spin, and blasphemy, these works are an essential reference for all educational establishments. This pack contains 7 CD-ROMs aimed at all age ranges, including research level:

    • Living Christianity
    • Living Islam
    • Living Judaism
    • Living Sikhism
    • Living Hinduism
    • Living Buddhism
    • Living Without God

Our statistics indicate that most schools and educationalists buy this pack. Individuals tend to buy specific packages.

Price :£169.00
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