Our History and Our Aim

Microbooks was founded in 1995 by Dr Tirath Singh. The main mission of Microbooks is as a philanthropic private enterprise with emphasis on funding and producing products and courses that many would have considered as non-commercial. Microbooks has developed extensive links with academia, with faith communities (and those that live without faith), and with many schools, councils, and local and national government organizations. It has an impressive list of people and charities that it has collaborated with as well as a huge variety of clients worldwide. 

The primary focus of Microbooks is on the use emerging technologies in innovative ways to address the needs of our time. Microbooks creates award-winning web-based content delivery as well as CD-ROM and DVD-ROMs for sale on a not-for-profit basis. Microbooks has a unique and adaptable team that is unlike many others. It has become somewhat of a cliché, but we really are driven by passion for our products and humanity. We do not pursue projects just for financial gain – we develop innovative educational products that enable communities to live better together. As individuals we embrace the computer as a valued tool to extend our potential in art and learning, science and creativity, communication and contemplation.

Over the years, Microbooks has established itself in a number of fields, and throughout the years has stood true to its aims, providing some key reference products in a number of fields. Microbooks produce what some in the industry regard as the best multimedia guides to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Humanism. Microbooks is the largest publisher of Sign Language reference products – these include The British Sign Language, Irish Sign Language, Deutsche Gebärden-Sprache, and Polish Sign Language. We have also been working on the standardization of Chinese and Indian Sign Languages. Microbooks also produced the Maths Wizard Series in collaboration with Channel 4 – amongst the best mathematics resources for KS3 and KS4. As with many producers and publishers, the products, Microbooks is engineering its products for e-learning, m-learning, and d-learning as media technologies converge. With Microbooks having acquired a stake in a telecommunications company, we are geared to meeting the goals and ambitions of distributed education for all.

We started developing the Living Religion series some 11 years ago, and when the first version was released in 2000, it was the billed as ‘The Most Comprehensive Interactive Guide to World Faiths”. It has undergone technical developments since then to incorporate major technological innovations (Java, Media Convergence, Wireless connectivity, etc), but the content has largely remained static. The products individually cover Living Islam, Living Christianity, Living Judaism, Living Hinduism, Living Buddhism, Living Sikhism, and Living without God. The development of ‘The Baha’i Faith’ is complete and there is also a simplified version of the products on a single CD for pre 11 year olds called Living Religions – A Primary Resource.  Each interactive CD/DVD contains about 10 hours of audio, 3 hours of video, extensive voiceovers, and interlinks between glossary, pictures, videos, and text. Finally, there are worksheets for teachers and educators to use.

These products are now at Version 3, and the content is being revised. These products are approved and eligible for E-Learning credits for use in schools. The main philosophy behind the products was ‘a sympathetic coverage of world faiths in an unbiased manner with an editorial team composed of peoples from all faiths and none.’ The products have been endorsed by some 40 religious and secular organizations.  You may view the old and new versions of these products by simply looking at the products pages and looking at the new product announcements. It has had exceptional reviews and recommendations from some noted educationalists. 

Microbooks has started the task to upgrade its Living Religions series for delivery across all platforms (including Android and Apple mobile devices). Version 4 of these products is just beginning to emerge. With such a revision, we at Microbooks believe that these products will be unrivalled in terms of academic excellence as well as having the endorsement from most of the major faith organisations, thus enabling the  study of faiths on a level playing field. 

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On-line BSL Standard Dictionary.
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The Complete BSL Reference Dictionary :- includes both the BSL Standard and Advanced Dictionaries
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