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There are a large number of people that have made these products possible. As always, we would like to acknowledge each and every one of them. For sake of completeness, we list those people that are working with us, have worked for us or have worked with us on these products. If we have missed out your name accidentally, please let us know, and we will gladly acknowledge your contribution to Microbooks and Microbooks products. We will make the pictures available for as many of these people as we can on this website soon.

Dr. Tirath Virdee – Founder & Chief Executive
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Jäger – Principal Consultant
Prof. Dr. Walter Huber – Principal Consultant
Prof. Dr. Willmes- von Hinckeldey – Principal Consultant
Dr Zaki Badawi
Prof. Sir Herman Bondi
Prof. Ali Hammid
Dr. Nawal Prinja
Dr. Indarjit Singh
Dr. Kanwaljit Kaur-Singh
Prof. Richard Dawkins
Terry Pratchett
Claire Rayner
John Fowles
Polly Toynbee
Marilyn Mason – Former BHA Education Officer
Canon John Eardley
Rosemary Rivett - Editorial Consultant
David Buckland - Magician
Simon Fuller - Advisory Consultant
Ann Garner
Dr. Klaudia Grote (Research)
Horst Sieprath (Research)
Dr. Ulla Louis-Nouvertné (Research)
Claudia Matthes (Research)
Barry Dunne - Chief Consultant
Ian McDonald - Maths Consultant
Lawrence Coogan
Agnus Dyab
Fidelma Meehan
Liz Meenan - Education Consultant
Dorota Wrzesinska
Bartosz Stępień - Chief Consultant
John Jolly
Omkar Chana - Cameraman
Eric Shapiro - Landmark Consultant
Vinodkumar Patel - Consultant
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Martin Conroy
Olivia Prenderghast
Stephen Smith
Josephine O’Leary
Veronica Holmes
Colin Ashmore - Consultant Producer
Wendy Daunt O’Neil - Consultant
Barbara Drummond
Lucy Hawes
Graham Seatin
Ruth Hawes
Ian Carpenter – Cameraman
Jerry Hanifin - Consultant
Elizabeth Embley – Maths Consultant
Joseph Neale
Kevin Silverthorne
Rachel O’Neil - Consultant
Clark Denmark - Chief Consultant
Carolyn Nabarro- Consultant
Linda Woolfe- Consultant
Ramon Woolfe- Consultant
Janet McGarry- Consultant
Warren Smith
Himel Chowdhury
Nikki Stratton
Kathy Robinson - Co-Producer
Pam Coulton - Consultant
Peter Coulton - Consultant
Kavita Sharma
Gurdeep Virdee - Executive Producer
Andrew Harrington - Consultant
Trudi Collier - Consultant
Ahmed Mudawa
Mark Wheatley - Design Consultant
Roger Whyril - Design Consultant
Sarla Meisuria
Sarah Robinson
Feras Al-Moubayed
Nora Duggan
Carmel Duggan
Kevin Dudley
Liam Power
Philip Power
Angela Mitchell - Chief Consultant
Neil Maguire - Consultant
Annie Murphy- Consultant
Damien Owens- Consultant
Shane Keogh - Consultant
David Harris – (Research)
Keith Fowler - Marketing
Sue Harris - Consultant
Willa Barris - Editorial Assistant
Emma Coleman - Consultant
Wendy Trent - Consultant
Adrian Harper
Richard Winning
Shahnaz Bibi
Karl Channer
Mary Clough
Donna Mullings
Dr Lila Harrar - Systems Consultant
Katrin Mühlbach
Christian Borgward
Isa Werth
Christian Aengenheister
Stefanie Mirusch
Thimo Kleybold
Margit Hillenmeyer
Sabine Ludwig
Uwe Zelle
Mathias Schäfer
Marty Magiera
Britta Rothe
Susanne Genc
Thomas Finkbeiner
Jürgen Stachlewitz
Milena Blaszczyk
Monika Lament
Dr Chris Hewer
Lukasz Janiczek
Dawid Adamczewski
Mateusz Jankowski
Tomasz Romanowski
Ania Tylki
Olga Romanowska
Paulina Romanowska
Tomasz Wlodarczyk

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